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Mission Statement
The primary function of Voices of Jazz is to provide a creative outlet for musicians, artists and
entertainers through music and exhibition of talent in the highest quality. The objective for its
members is to allow them the freedom to showcase their individual talents in an atmosphere of
precision, discipline and uniformity while achieving a rewarding social experience. To achieve this
objective Voices of Jazz philosophy is to encourage each and every member to perfect their
diverse talents to a level of proficiency that will entertain audiences and provide participant
satisfaction. Voices of Jazz endeavors to provide performers with a rewarding social experience,
and to deliver to the audience a performance that is both exciting and of the highest quality allowed
by the activity.
Dunedin Community Center
is the
Home Base for
Voices of Jazz
Voices of Jazz is a Dunedin, FL based big band that features classic big band jazz and
swing music as well as modern arrangements of popular tunes. Our members are engaging
and energetic volunteers who participate purely for the love of music, the enjoyment of
playing their instruments and their passion for performing.

Voices of Jazz is celebrating our 6th anniversary as we kick off the 2013 season and we’d
love to see you at one or more of our performances this year. Please click the
Performance Dates link at left to learn more.

March 6 - Dunedin Concert

Voices of Jazz would love to hear from you! We are looking for trombone, keyboard & bass players that
would like to join Voices of Jazz that share our passion for music and performing, please
call Ron Scarcelli at (813)610-1495 or drop us an email at to
learn more. We look forward to hearing from soon!
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